Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter & Some Funny Faces!

We spent Easter with Derek's family. That's one nice thing about being in Louisville... his family is only three hours away in Nashville! We drove down for church and lunch and then came back mid-afternoon. We had a great time celebrating the Resurrection with family!

Derek with Benjamin, Derek's mom, Betsy, with Cousin Luke & Cousin Morgan

Derek & Benjamin - almost 8 months old in this picture!

I got the camera out yesterday to take pictures of Benjamin in his big kid pajamas. You know, not the kind that button around a diaper. He is becoming such a little ham! I swear he was making faces just for the camera! I think he's figuring things out!

This face usually involves a funny noise coming out from between those lips!

"I'm so mad at you!" 

Such a funny face!

And, finally, a little smile.

This one is just to show off the cute pajamas.


Megan Sandoz said...

I love those pjs! So cute. And it's great you are so close to family! What a fun weekend!

babytaiyan said...

So cute!! Yeah, sometimes I think that babies actually know a lot more of what's going on, and they're just stringin' us along...;)

Clay And Megan said...

Girl, enjoy your chicken roll-ups! Yum!

The Fam said...

UMMM is it possible that he could be any cuter?? I don't think so!!! He looks so much like you now Meredith! Miss you guys so much.