Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More pictures...

We will be without internet for a little while, so posting will be sporadic. I just wanted to post a few more pictures before taking a break for the move and all.

My brother took this picture our first day at home. I just think it's really sweet.

Sweet baby!

We met our friends, Will and Kaely, in Fredericksburg this weekend...

... and ate chocolate buttercream cake at the Rather Sweet Bakery. YUM!

getting a lift from dad

We figured out he doesn't like having his hair washed. Baths go great until his head gets wet! With all that hair, I think it must make him really cold. Last night, we blow dried his hair for him. That he liked!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Changes and a Big Weekend

I don't have much to say today but did want to post some new pictures. Somehow my week feels more complete if I've updated this blog at least once! We've started spreading the word that we're moving to Louisville, KY. Derek is going back to school! He'll be getting his Masters of Divinity degree from Southern Seminary. We're really sad to be leaving such great friends in Austin, but we're also very excited to see how God provides for us and changes us through this. I'll have more to say on that later. For now, here's some fun pics...

Me, Ben and Charlie... doing what we all do best.

Derek and Benjamin... the two most handsome men. Man, I love that kids hair!!

Our first Sunday at church! It only took me like three hours to get us ready, but we made it!!

Yea for weather that's almost cold enough for footy pajamas!

Benjamin's first party!! We spent Saturday watching football at Jim and Natalie's place. Here's Matt, Natalie, Benjamin and June. Benjamin spent most of the afternoon asleep in Nat's arms. So sweet!

Benjamin made his first little friend! Judah Pulley is exactly one month older. Aren't they adorable!!

Our little family


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not in vain...

I keep telling people that nothing would have prepared me for how much I love our little Benjamin or for how very hard this would all be. Derek and I have been really excited the past couple of days to get almost four straight hours of sleep! The lack of sleep is tough! It has brought out the best and the worst in both of us! We are loving being parents, though. We are so grateful God has chosen us to be Benjamin's mom and dad.

I've been working on a Bible study during some of Benjamin's naps. It is about being a mom, and there are some great scripture verses I've been learning about. One is Genesis 1:28... God commands us to be fruitful and multiply. A great reminder that what I'm doing is by God's design and even a command. Nice to remember there's more to this than just feeding a baby and feeling sleepy all the time!

Another verse I've read is 1 Corinthians 15:58. "In the Lord, our labor is not in vain." So, being a mom is a job God has called me to, and in the Lord this work will not be in vain! What other job has such lasting results... for good or for bad! We're praying that raising our children will be for good and believing it will be.

Here are a few new pictures from the past couple of weeks...

My parents were here this past weekend. We spent Saturday watching college football. Benjamin even dressed for the occasion. Derek is convinced that Ben will be a Tennessee fan... I'm still betting on A&M.

We're getting better at the bath thing. His first few did not go well! We were trying to do this in the tub, and I think he was just getting too cold. The kitchen sink works much better, but it does take two sets of hands! He's actually starting to like bath time!

I swear we weren't pinching him. Sometimes he just likes to fuss! Pass him to mom, though, and all is well... as long as I'm nursing him. That is his absolute favorite thing to do!!

I love this picture!! Sleeping soundly on dad's chest... another favorite of Ben's.

me and ben