Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our latest...

For my first Mother's Day, "Benjamin" got me some plants. This one's for the house, and it only has to be watered once a month. That's good for me!

 Daddy & Benjamin with my Wandering Jew plant. I've always thought that was a funny name to give a plant. Anyway, it's really pretty and also easy to maintain. I hung this plant right outside our front door so I can see it from the window.

This little basket I got from my Aunt Kathy a couple of years ago. This is the first time I've planted anything in it. That's Angelonia and a Sweet Potato Vine. I'm hoping the vine will grow and trail over the side of the basket. This one we hung where you see it as you come up our stairs. 

 Mommy & Benjamin goofing around. He really is funny, already making faces for the camera!

Another funny face. He really gets carried away when I get the camera out!

Such a big boy! Our furniture is a little tall for him to pull up on but he can do it. He'll stand there for a long time if you stand him up there first!

 He loves books already. He'll sit and even let me read to him for a little bit at a time. His favorite book is Baby Einstein "Mirror Me", probably because I make lots of funny faces when I read that one to him!