Sunday, June 7, 2009

Answered Prayer, a Surprise Shower & 30 weeks...

Probably the most excited thing I have to report is an answer to prayer. At my 24 week ultrasound, we'd been told I'd probably have to have a c-section because of the position of the placenta. (gross word, I know) We started praying that God would move it! All it had to move was 1 centimeter. I mean, faith like a mustard seed can move a mountain, right? Well, at 28 weeks, it was so far out of the way, the doctor didn't even bother to tell us how much it had moved. It had become a non-issue. Praise God!!

Below is a picture of me taken today! It doesn't get more current than this. (at least for June 7) I'll be 30 weeks on Tuesday. I've started going for check-ups every other week, and we started our birthing class this last week. Very interesting! Life really is a miracle. Did you know that there are valves in a baby's heart that close and others that open when it takes it's first breath? Tell me how in the world that could have "evolved".

About a month ago, Derek and I took a trip to Texarkana and stopped in Tyler along the way. I spent the evening with my old co-workers from Mother Frances Hospital. Actually, co-workers is a really lame word for these ladies. They are dear friends and greatly missed by yours truly. I knew I was going to eat dinner with them, but when I walked in they had actually set up a surprise baby shower for me... cake, presents, green chili stew and all! We had a great night together. Below are some pictures from my first baby shower!

me & Joy

Deby's got some cake skills... how cute are the marshmallow booties!

lt to rt: Tami, Lauren, Joy, me, Jennifer, Deby, & Steph

Tami, me & Stephanie