Sunday, June 7, 2009

Answered Prayer, a Surprise Shower & 30 weeks...

Probably the most excited thing I have to report is an answer to prayer. At my 24 week ultrasound, we'd been told I'd probably have to have a c-section because of the position of the placenta. (gross word, I know) We started praying that God would move it! All it had to move was 1 centimeter. I mean, faith like a mustard seed can move a mountain, right? Well, at 28 weeks, it was so far out of the way, the doctor didn't even bother to tell us how much it had moved. It had become a non-issue. Praise God!!

Below is a picture of me taken today! It doesn't get more current than this. (at least for June 7) I'll be 30 weeks on Tuesday. I've started going for check-ups every other week, and we started our birthing class this last week. Very interesting! Life really is a miracle. Did you know that there are valves in a baby's heart that close and others that open when it takes it's first breath? Tell me how in the world that could have "evolved".

About a month ago, Derek and I took a trip to Texarkana and stopped in Tyler along the way. I spent the evening with my old co-workers from Mother Frances Hospital. Actually, co-workers is a really lame word for these ladies. They are dear friends and greatly missed by yours truly. I knew I was going to eat dinner with them, but when I walked in they had actually set up a surprise baby shower for me... cake, presents, green chili stew and all! We had a great night together. Below are some pictures from my first baby shower!

me & Joy

Deby's got some cake skills... how cute are the marshmallow booties!

lt to rt: Tami, Lauren, Joy, me, Jennifer, Deby, & Steph

Tami, me & Stephanie


growingfreely said...

WHAT!!! you guys were in tyler and didn't tell us!!! really?!? seriously...would have loved to see yall!

i'm so thankful for prayers answered! when's the due date? i'll be praying for yall :)

Mary said...

it is such an amazing miracle!
these are neat tickers:

Mary =)

The Fam said...

Love your cute cute belly!