Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More pictures...

We will be without internet for a little while, so posting will be sporadic. I just wanted to post a few more pictures before taking a break for the move and all.

My brother took this picture our first day at home. I just think it's really sweet.

Sweet baby!

We met our friends, Will and Kaely, in Fredericksburg this weekend...

... and ate chocolate buttercream cake at the Rather Sweet Bakery. YUM!

getting a lift from dad

We figured out he doesn't like having his hair washed. Baths go great until his head gets wet! With all that hair, I think it must make him really cold. Last night, we blow dried his hair for him. That he liked!


The Teutons said...

Baby ben looks like the sweetest baby doll!!!! I can't wait to meet him tomorrow!! We are going to moss y'all so much, but the best place for y'all to be is in the center of God's will!! And I've never been to kentucky so we will have to come visit!!! Love you all!

Megan Sandoz said...

I would love to see you blowing his hair dry. That is awesome. Love the pictures, Meredith!

Mary said...

I love the pic of him in the big blue fluff! Hope you guys are doing well.