Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thank heaven for little boys...

Here's a little picture update of our sweet baby boy. Enjoy!

I just love this picture.. he looks so mischevious!!

One of his favorite things... getting his hair dried. Lately, bath time has been going much better. He doesn't even mind getting his hair wet anymore, but it's still fun to dry all that hair!

My mom and Benjamin. We are having a lot of fun sharing these months with my parents. And they love having Benjamin around!

Benjamin's first Halloween... apparently he wanted to be Superman, and I dressed him as a pea pod instead. Next year... Superman.

He looks like he's taking his first Halloween very seriously!

He has daily conversations with this horse from his bouncy seat.

Sometimes you need two sets of hands. Laundry needed doing, but the baby also needed carrying. This was the compromise.

Benjamin's first garage sale. The customers loved him!



Megan Sandoz said...

Yay!! Love the pictures!

babytaiyan said...

Hahaha! My fav picture is of the Pea Pod. Benjamin, didn't you know that Halloween is really for the parents until you're about 5?

Mary said...

love the pics! He has changed so much, getting to be such a big boy! =)