Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Old Furniture... New Life

My mother-in-law gave this furniture to us. It originally belonged to Derek's great-grandmother. When we got it the fabric was a mint-green color and looking pretty worn. My dad used to work with a guy who is amazing at recovering old furniture. He works with inmates at a nearby prison, teaching them how to do this so they will have a craft once they're out. He actually does the work for free because the prison system pays his salary! He did an absolutely beautiful job with this loveseat, and now he's working on a matching chair. Now, I'm on the hunt for more old furniture I can get recovered for free. Check it out:


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Megan Sandoz said...

Hey! I don't have your email but I wanted to respond to your sewing question :) I don't consider myself a true sewer, but I do like to make things, and am kind of learning as I go. You should give it a try! So fun!

I wish I was nearby so I could send off some furniture of my own to be recovered for free- so great!!! Make sure to post pictures of the chair when it's done and of any other pieces you find! I love it!