Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hall Family Update

We've been in Texarkana for a little over two weeks now. Derek has been substitute teaching some and starts a job with Lifeway in December. He is staying busy running errands... getting the car inspected, rotating tires, doing paperwork for seminary, and getting things out of storage that we realize we need. The last trip he took, he found bleach had spilled over our end table. He ruined a sweatshirt wiping it up. I cried when he told me because I started to worry that all of our things would be broken or stained by the time they're finally moved out of storage and onto Louisville. Derek assures me they won't be, and anyway it's all just stuff. It's not eternal.

I've stayed busy taking care of Benjamin. When he naps, I usually read or blog or clean or attempt to keep up with friends or workout (7# to go to get back to my pre-pregnant weight). Benjamin is almost three months old now! He is a really sweet baby, especially now that his reflux is under control. Prilosec is doing the trick (thank you, Lord!). He is starting to love to play. His new favorite thing is 'air-plane'. That never fails to bring out the smiles. He loves to be held and talked to. He sucks on his fist like it's candy. He loves to have his hair dried after bath time. He hates being dressed as a pea pod. (I'm still going to post pictures, though.)

Benjamin loves his Gramma and Granddad, and they love that he is living with them right now. My mom has started getting ready for bed early so she can spend the rest of the night holding him! He sleeps great at night, but that's because he sleeps right next to me. He'll fall asleep nursing, wake up for a diaper change, then fall back asleep nursing on the other side. That's our routine. I'm fine with it for now, because that way I get some good sleep, too!

I'm feeling very blessed these days. My parents have welcomed us with open arms. I have a husband who loves me well and seeks to love me even better. We have a beautiful son who is totally a gift from God. We are looking forward to this adventure in Louisville. The Lord has provided for us in many ways through some very generous friends back in Austin. We even made $700 at a garage sale the weekend after moving! I've never heard of anyone making that much at a garage sale!

It is sort of a scary time for us, too. Our house in Austin has not rented yet. Derek doesn't have a job in Louisville yet. We aren't sure where we'll be living once in Louisville yet. Yet! Somehow those things are not freaking me out. God has shown us that this is His plan and not ours. We are walking in obedience, and I have faith that God will provide all we need.



Megan Sandoz said...

Keep the updates coming! I am so glad to be able to keep up with you two. Love you!

Mary said...

Meredith, I'm so glad to hear that ya'll are doing great and that you are not stressed out about all that stuff - good for you! I saw that one pic of the breastfriend, that's the pattern I had. =) it's cute. Isn't that thing great!? I loved it b/c you can strap it on and then have 2 hands to grab the baby; unlike the boppy. I'm looking forward to nursing again too. Glad to hear that Benjamin is good now with the Prilosec. take care, Mary =)