Monday, October 6, 2008

Living Below the Line

Our current economical situation has got me thinking. There's a little fear in me that the level of living I've grown accustomed to may not last. But then again, maybe that's not such a bad thing. Why do I think I deserve prosperity? Why in the world would we ever think it's our inherent right? 

On Al Mohler's blog this week he has a quote from an essay in Time Magazine:
In the case of households, debt rose from about 50% of the GDP in 1980 to a peak of 100% in 2006. In other words, households now owe as much as the entire U.S. economy can produce in a year. 

Did you catch that? In our race to keep up with the Joneses, we've borrowed our way so far into debt that we now owe as much as our entire economy can produce in a year. Families in the United States, all told, are billions of dollars in debt! And what do we have to show for it?

I just had a birthday and received a few hundred dollars in cash. I bought a few new shirts, some new pants, new shoes, a new bag... But when the money ran out, there were still things I wanted. I suppose I could have charged some things, after all I'd paid cash for most of it. But where do you stop? There's always going to be a cuter pair of shoes, a better looking pair of pants, one more kitchen gadget I just have to have...

It's sickening really. Do you know that if you are reading this post you are among the elite, the wealthiest people in the entire world? First of all, you have the education to read this post. Second, you have the time to read it. Then there's the fact that you've got a computer to read it on. But what have we done with these privileges? We've charged our way into debt up to our eyeballs because what we have is never enough.

Even as a believer, I still struggle with finding satisfaction in the created rather than in the Creator. How do I honor God with my finances? How do I find joy in Him rather that in this twisted culture we live in? Here's a few thoughts:

1. By giving - my tithe, but beyond that as to support Compassion International or Campus Crusade or to missions or to buy food for the food bank...


3. By living below our means and seeing what God wants to do with the excess.  Every now and then, can't we look at something and say, "I can, but I believe I just won't."

4. By seeking God first everyday...those carpet fibers on your forehead are a crown of beauty to our King. I pray for my soul to be crushed with longing after God's Word. (Psalm 119:20)


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