Monday, October 13, 2008

Radical Womanhood

I don't usually recommend a book before reading it, but this is an exception. God has been waking me up to how far our culture has shifted from biblical womanhood and biblical manhood. Roles have been redefined and values have changed. Some of these changes are for the better. I'm really thankful I can vote, for example. However, other changes have actually gone against what God says in His Holy Word. 

I can feel comfortable recommending this book because of the men and women who have reviewed it and recommended it. C.J. and Carolyn Mahaney, Wayne Grudem, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Bruce and Jodi Ware... They may not be names familiar to all, but they are men and women of God whose opinions I've come to trust.

The book is called Radical Womanhood: Feminine Faith in a Feminist World, and it's written by Carolyn McCulley. I think the title explains a lot, but I've posted a link to the book's website. On it, there's a video of Carolyn explaining the premise for the book. Ultimately the goal is for Jesus to stop the cycle of us sinning against one another and for women to trust Jesus for what our femininity truly looks like.

I can't begin to express all that God has been showing me with regards to biblical womanhood, but I will say that it's been very liberating. It truly is for freedom that Christ has set me free, and there's much freedom in living as a woman (or a man) according to God's original plan. 

For women, Titus 2:4-5 is a great place to start.

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